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Standards In NLP Coaching                                                     Look Into Your Own Mind - And Empower Yourself Today


"We can no longer pretend that the patient's perceptions don't matter.
And we can't pretend that healing is something doctors do to a patient.  Your mind is in every cell of your body."

-- David Felten, PhD, University of Rochester School of Medicine








How Emotional Wellbeing leads to Physical Healing.


  Understanding the Mind-Body connection.

Deepak Chopra, 2011









"Making a Killing:The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging"

-Full Documentary







"The Marketing of Madness: The Truth about Psychotropic Drugs"

-Full Documentary (worth the 3 hour watch to the end)





Are Your Investments Supporting a Dying World?

-Full Presentation








"What the *Bleep* do we know"

- Full Movie