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MindFull Heroes™ -- Heroes Helping Heroes -- Reclaim Your Power Today!


MindFull Heroes





To those who have chosen a career of service,
dedicated their lives to saving and protecting the rest of us,
in gratitude, these programs are designed to serve You.

...Reclaim Your Power!


Thank-You, for being who you are.

Based on the concept used by the UK`s Warrior Programmme, a successful program supported by both the British Crown & Government designed to support severely traumatized homeless and ex-service personnel, we are happy to bring the MindFull Heroes BreakThrough Programs to Atlantic Canada.


All sessions and programs are designed to Transform and Empower individuals by guiding them through processes that will help them BreakThrough their limitations and Break-Free from the webs of dependence that limit their ability to Live a Balanced and Complete Life.


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1 on 1 services may be covered by some insurance plans under Naturopathic Consultation