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Mind Your Body

Chronic Pain Breakthrough:

A Mind and Body Experience unlike any other, designed to help free you from the shackles of chronic pain.  These individually designed programs vary in length from one person to another ranging from a few weeks to a few months.  The process begins in a similar way to the Emerging Phoenix Breakthrough, and includes the same benefits and more.

This program applies a blend of therapeutic approaches that allow the client to find both relief and empowerment for the future.  Some of the sessions will use multiple approaches at once, such as hypnosis and massage therapy with two practitioners simultaneously.

Stage 1: Pain Education - Learn to control pain with your own mind.

Stage 2: Breakthrough - Clear the nervous system to allow your immune system to heal naturally.

Stage 3: Physical Release - A blend of therapeutic massage, hypnosis and more - 2 practitioners at once.

Stage 4: Ongoing - Complementary Coaching is available for the next 6 months as needed.