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Because Trauma Happens Every Day


For those that have chosen a career that exposes them to trauma on a regular basis, understanding how our mind adapts is as important as letting go of any mental and emotional baggage that may result.

 For Heroes with their Mind Full, we know you're human too.


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Our Latest News:

Re: Adding Our Newest Program ⇒ Heroes Helping Heroes 

Dear Hero,

I am not a soldier, a first responder, a police officer or EMT, and I could never claim to know what these men and women live each day on the job.  If we are honest, most of us don’t want to know what you know.  This is one of the reasons we see you as heroes; you clean the messes we hope to never come across.  You fight our battles, protect our streets, and patch us up when we tear ourselves and each other apart.  It takes a very unique and precious sort of mind to take on such a career, and yet, many suffer because of that very choice. 

(My personal story doesn’t matter here, but for the sake of this introduction, I will say this: After 30 years of living with PTSD and more, I came across something unavailable here that helped me gain an unbelievable freedom.  I was so amazed that I became more than a practitioner; I went on to also become an instructor of the same techniques used in The Warrior Programme in the UK.  Over the past few years, I have coached, trained and instructed members of the general public, and overall, I have found the most pleasure in helping those that serve to find their own freedom.)

In 2014, after hearing one particularly striking news cast about PTSD and suicide in these heroic fields, I decided that I had to do my part and find a way to bring the success of The Warrior Programme here.  By the end of the year, MindFull Heroes, which started off quite modestly as a simple breakthrough program for PTSD, began to grow.  Now in 2015, our nature nestled Camp for heroes and their families is under construction and we have begun to add more programs.   Our Grand Opening is currently scheduled for spring 2017, at which point we will add regularly running retreats for couples and families.  And, although that’s a great start, it’s not good enough for me; I want to help now, not in 2 years.

Heroes Helping Heroes is a community oriented program designed to help us help more heroes more quickly, as they also gain an opportunity to help each other.  In addition, it’s a chance for those who are struggling financially to receive needed help without having to choose between their own mental health and other basic needs for themselves or their family.  The program is not a hand-out, it is an opportunity.  Heroes Helping Heroes is an exchange program that empowers; allowing heroes to make a difference in the lives of their own ranks, while finding freedom from the cages inside their own minds.

We look forward to seeing an increase in available help for our heroes, a drop in statistics, and healthier service men and women. Thank-You, for being who you are!


Natacha Thebeau
Director, White Rabbit Boot Camp
Certified & Registered Master Coach
International Trainer & Instructor