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Personal Breakthrough:

An average Breakthrough takes 6-12 hours across 2-3 sessions.  It is generally less than 2 weeks and always less than 30 days from the initial consultation to the final session.  The structure of this type of program is designed to avoid the creation of further dependance.  It eliminates the need for regular sessions after the initial Breakthrough while providing complementary coaching (as needed only) for the following 6 months to support the transformation that takes place during the intial process.

The goal of this process is to guide you to reprogram your own neurology yourself, and to help you let go of major negative emotions, internal conflicts and more that currently bog down your nervous system. The Breakthrough process will re-connect you to your own personal power so that you may successfully achieve the goals that you truly want for yourself. It's like peeling a major layer off of the metaphorical 'onion'.

At the end of this initial process, you will be able to notice an undeniable shift in your own internal state, as well as your external behaviours. 

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