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Certification Trainings in Atlantic Canada and Around the World

Workshops & Seminars

Our trainers offer a number of short workshops and seminars from a few hours to a few days.  These may be centered around a particular technique, such as Hypnosis or NLP, or they may cater to particular topics such as Business, Health, Personal Transformation, and more.  Contact us to be referred to the trainer that is right for you.


Private Coaching

We are proud to support amazing coaches who specialize in a variety of areas.  Many coaches are trained in a variety of additional techniques as well.  Contact us to be referred to the right coach for you.


Associate Practitioner Level Certifications

Complete your on-Line NLP Certificate from the comfort of your own home and finished at your own pace.  The course is organized in 20 modules, with manuals, audio, and video demonstrations electronically delivered to you.  Reward yourself with the most relevant cutting edge tools for achievement and success in life! Contact us for more information on how to Register Today!


Practitioner Level Certifications

Our standards meet or exceed all other standards in the world.  Our Instructors offer trainings and certifcations in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy® & Creating Your Future® Techniques, as well as NLP Coaching.

Some trainers offer each of these classes separately, although most follow the preferred training structure of a 7-Day Intensive Training which includes the 4 certifications. This format has been found to yield incredible results in the personal lives of our participants as well.  The training is complemented by a comprehensive pre-study pack that includes books & audio, a course manual (supplemented during your training), and an open book exam designed to work you through the course material.

Our training process is done through conscious-unconscious integration; a process that allows for the rapid retention of a lot of material.  We will teach you to install information in your long term memory, and how to access it at will!

Contact us to be referred to the right trainer for you.


Master Practitioner Level Certifications

Are you looking to become a true Master in the world of Coaching, Success and Personal Transformation? Then this is training for you!  It is offered in Atlantic Canada by Natacha Thebeau (Master Trainer Candidate) and designed to transform you into one of the top coaches on the planet.  This 25 day world class training is like none other and has been recognized internationally.

Successful completion of the Practitioner Level by a recognized institute is the only prerequiste to enrollment.  The training is broken into 4 segments:

The 1st is a 7-day Advanced NLP segment

The 2nd is a 5-day segment on Advanced Language Patterns

The 3rd segment is a 10-day intensive that includes training in Master Time Line Therapy® techniques (including eliminating Chronic Pain), Master Hypnosis skills (including full body catalepsy) and Advanced Coaching Techniques (including a full personal breakthrough that will blow your mind!).

The 4th section is a 3-Day segment that includes the graduate having their first client under the supervision of the trainer.  This is like an 'on-the-job training' of sorts designed to increase the confidence in our students.

 For more information, contact us at or call 506-227-7110.











Presenting Magically & NLP Trainer's Training

The first installment of this training will be offered in Atlantic Canada in the summer of 2019 by Natacha Thebeau. This training is divided into 2 segments. The first segment, Presenting Magically, is 2 weeks in length and open to all students who have completed the Practitioner Level training or higher. The second segment, Trainer's Training Evaluation & Certification, is 4 days in length and is open to students who have completed the Master Practitioner training.

This training is designed to transform you into a bullet proof presenter, whether you intend on teaching NLP or not in the future.


For more information, contact us at or call 506-227-7110.