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Certification Trainings in Atlantic Canada and Around the World

Practitioner Level Certifications

Our Institute is proud to be able to certify under standards that meet or exceed all other standards in the world.  The 7 day FasTrak™ is complemented by a comprehensive pre-study pack that includes 3 books, 20 CDs (available in CD or MP3 format), a course manual (supplemented during the training), and an open book exam due by the end of the third day of the training.

Our training process is done through conscious-unconscious integration; a process that allows for the rapid retention of a lot of material.


Master Practitioner Level Certifications

These trainings are designed in the same manner as our FasTrak trainings.  Successful completion of the Practitioner Level by a recognized institute is the only prerequiste to enrollment.  There are different options to taking the Master Practitioner level.  -1- For those who come from other schools that teach only NLP, becoming an NLP Master Practitioner involves taking sections 1 (Master NLP) and 2 of the program (Advanced Language Patterns with Linguistic Analysis), this is a total of 12 days.  For those who have graduated from either Atlantic NLP or another recognized training institue that complements NLP training with Time Line Therapy®, Hypnosis, and NLP Coaching, there are 3 options: -2A- Basic- Become a Master Practitioner by taking sections 1 (Master NLP) and 3 (Master Time Line Therapy®, Master Hypnosis, and Master NLP Coach), this is a total of 17 days. -2B- Become a Master Practitioner with Advanced Language skills by adding section 2 (Advanced Language Patterns with Linguistic Analysis) to 2A, this is a total of 22 days. Or -2C- Become an Advanced Master Coach by taking all 4 sections.  To the above 3 sections, section 4 adds a 3-day certification process similar to an On The Job Training; this is a supervised 1-on-1 intervention/breakthrough where students will work with a member of the public (who has never experienced these techniques), this is a total of 25 days.

The Secret to Your Success

These powerful 2 day seminars are designed to create powerful changes and put you back on track in one of the 6 Key areas of life (family, relationships, career, health and fitness, personal growth and development, spirituality).  With a blend of NLP and CYF® techniques, you will be amazed at how quickly change happens, and how much better you understand yourself. Allow us to share with you, The Secret to Your Success!











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Private Seminars

Corporate Coaching, Training and Seminars

These are individually scheduled, and are designed based on the desires of individual companies.  We can train your Sales team in simple techniques guaranteed to increase closing ratios, or we can align the values of your employees to the corporate values of the company (or CEO) to increase congruent behaviour within your establishment.  We can even run seminars based on the world renowned techniques known as Creating Your Future® and The Secret of Creating Your Future®.  You tell us what you are looking for, and we will design a structure based on your desired outcome.


For more information on Corporate Coaching, Trainng and Seminars, contact us at or call us at 888-365-8675.