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The next The Secret To Your Success™ will be held June 4-5, 2016
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The Secret To Your Success™

A Powerful NLP and CYF® Seminar



Get Back in Touch with Your Dreams!




       Regain Your         Personal Power!


Change Your Mind

- - - - -

Transform Your Life




       Get Back Your         Passion for Living!




Release Anger, Sadness, Fear, Guilt and Anxiety


Learn How to Set Goals in Your Future with a method that Really Works!





Allow Yourself to Create Your Life the Way You Want It,

Now, and in the Future.

You Are Worth It!

Give Yourself Permission Today


These powerful 2 day workshops are designed to help you create amazing changes within yourself in a short amount of time.  Let us show you how you can put yourself back on track in one of the 6 Key areas of life (family, relationships, career,health and fitness, personal growth and development, spirituality).  We will also help to empower you, regaining the choice to be at cause in your life, by providing tools that you can take home to continue your personal transformation while working on all other areas of life, both major and minor.  With a blend of techniques from NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and CYF® (Creating Your Future®) taught at the Practitioner and Master Practitioner Certification Levels, you will be amazed at how quickly change happens, and how much better you understand yourself.  Join Atlantic Canada's only certified trainer of TLT® and CYF® techniques, and allow us to share with you, The Secret to Your Success!


Join us in Moncton at:

95 Millenium Blvd 
Brain Diesel Business Center
Moncton, NB


Single Registration:         $295

Pre-Registration Required
Space is Limited!

Group Discounts available!
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The Next TSTYS™ Seminar will be held:

June 4-5, 2016 (Moncton)

Registration: 8:20am-8:45am Saturday

Seminar hours:9:00am to 5:00pm on both days

*Discounts available for returning guests!*

Contact Us for more information about this Life Transforming Seminar, or to Reserve Your Seat Today!


TSTYS™ Seminar Testimonials:

"I was amazed when we went over our values chart we did the previous day and, after releasing 'stuff', actually could NOT reconnect to the same frame of mind I'd been in when I wrote it!  Thank You!!!"

-- Donna R.


"I wasn't sure it would work for me.  Now, looking back, I can say it went well beyond my expectations.... Excellent guide...leading people through these processes without leaving you feeling controlled.  Amazing experience!  I have learned so much & made some good changes!

-- Michael S.


"I did not expect the many wonderful and transformational results I received.... the most inspiring two-days.... I am grateful and appreciative of having had the opportunity to be part of your world.  Thank you for helping me heal and move forward."

-- Yvonne B.


"Everything I heard, saw, and learned was above my expectations."

-- Wanda M.


"The trainer is very well informed and shows exitement.... Thanks for your generosity."

-- Brenda


"I feel so confirmed about my current life direction as a result of the work done over the past two days with you.  A most fabulous experience and some surprises for me in some of my reactions!  I feel changed!"

-- Wallie S.


"Completely exceeded my expectations, offered techniques that are simple to take home and continue the process....  Thank you for a wonderful weekend sharing your knowledge and experiences.  I am blessed to have been an attendee."

 -- Anonymous



-- Anonymous


"I'm really happy that I came to this seminar.  It really helped me see life in a different way.  I needed that.  Thank You"

-- Anonymous